Meet the missing piece of your health benefits strategy.

Health is your biggest benefits investment and 56% of employees stay at their job because of it.

Let’s make sure it’s really working for them.

High deductibles can be costly— for you and your people.

25% of Americans delayed healthcare in 2020 because of concerns about cost.

50% of U.S. adults fear a major health issue could lead to bankruptcy.

67% don't have money set aside for emergencies and 29% have medical debt.

Worried workers cost your company 29-39 days per year in lost productivity.

Sample Brella Plan

Benefit Amounts
Moderate Condition
Severe Condition
Catastrophic Condition
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Brella is a supplemental health insurance solution designed to enhance your health benefits strategy.

We're built to be flexible. Brella's wide-ranging coverage gives you a valuable tool to help offset the higher costs your employees are taking on — shielding them from sudden financial shocks.

Brella’s flexible plan designs can be customized to complement any health plan.

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Brella is one simple plan that eases the financial burden of unexpected health issues.


covered injuries and illnesses from fractures and appendicitis to cancer


more covered conditions than Accident and Critical Illness plans—combined


plans are 100% guaranteed issue. No medical underwriting required


Zero limitations or exclusions for pre-existing conditions

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Brella makes it easy

Easy Enrollment

Enroll through our platform or build Brella into your benefits administration technology. Either way, your team can get personalized recommendations to guide their benefit elections through our plan shopping tool.

Plus our licensed Member Care Representatives are on call to answer questions so you don’t have to.

Employer Tools

After our paperless implementation process, employers have on demand access to policy documents, enrollment data, and plan administration tools, including reports and billing, via our Employer Portal.

Faster Claims

With Brella it’s simple to tell us what happened, upload documents already on hand, and file a claim in minutes with our online Member Portal or mobile app. Once approved, claims are paid in hours by Venmo, Paypal, or directly to a designated bank account.

More coverage and a better claims experience means more employees will get value out of their Brella coverage.

Frequently asked questions

What size groups can participate? 

Brella works with groups of almost any size. For voluntary plans, our minimum group size is 10 eligible lives. For employer-paid plans, our minimum is 5 eligible lives.

Can employers contribute to Brella or is it a voluntary product?

We're flexible. Employers can cover some or all of the premiums to enhance the health benefit offering. Brella can also be offered on a voluntary basis for employees who want to enhance their primary health coverage with extra financial support.

In which states is Brella available?

Brella is currently available for employer groups based in AL, AR, AZ, CA DC, DE, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MI, MN, MO, MS, OH, OR, OK, RI, SC, TN, TX,  VA, WI, and WV, and a growing number of states as we expand nationally. If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you.

Can we afford your premiums?

Brella offers affordable premiums that vary based on age, benefit amounts and who’s covered. Premiums for individuals under 50 start as low as the monthly price of your favorite TV streaming subscription.

Do I have to wait until open enrollment to offer Brella?

Nope. It’s easy to do an off-cycle enrollment with our plan shopping and enrollment platform, Brella Enroll. 

How do I sign up?

Ask your insurance broker to contact us. Or get in touch with our sales team by submitting your info through the contact form or emailing

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