Why a Simple Supplemental Benefit Brought this Team Peace of Mind

Julia Lelio
July 20, 2022

The Challenge

A Georgia-based industrial services employer offered traditional health insurance, but did not have any voluntary benefits in place for their group. After conducting a feedback survey, it became evident that employees felt they were lacking a benefit that adequately shielded them from unforeseen health events. As a result, the employer was looking for an additional benefit that would address employee concerns while not overloading their HR teams with another administrative burden.

The Solution: A Brella Plan With Employer Funding

The broker was attracted to Brella because it was a simplified solution with wide ranging coverage that could help fill in the gaps for employees who couldn’t afford the out of pocket costs associated with common conditions. He was certain that Brella’s dedicated support model and educational resources would make filing claims easy for employees. Plus, he felt Brella’s easy plan administration would minimize any administrative hassles for the employer. 

By considering Brella an extension of the overall health benefits strategy, he recommended the employer offer Brella with an employer contribution. Not only did this make Brella coverage even more affordable for employees, it sent a clear signal from the employer that Brella was an important part of the benefits offering.

In close collaboration with the employer and broker, a detailed enrollment plan was executed— providing education about the broad range of Brella coverage. Spanish language support was also offered for employees that needed it along the way. As a result, the group saw over 50% employee participation.  

Within the first month, employees have already filed claims that were approved in a matter of hours. In a feedback survey, the employer said that after seeing Brella in action, he truly understood its value.

Keys to the Win

“A Brella, we strive to fill in the gaps so that employees can get the most out of their coverage and can gain peace of mind. We provide the tools they need to understand their Brella coverage and the support employers expect to lessen their administrative legwork.” — Kevin Dubay, Customer Success Manager, Brella

Wide-ranging coverage that is meant to be used

Injuries and illnesses come in all shapes and sizes. Brella is a plan that is built to be used and can supplement traditional coverage by filling in the gaps. With over 13,000+ covered conditions, employees have more reasons to file a claim, whether it’s for a cut with stitches or cancer.

Educational tools every step of the way

The key to Brella is its simplicity. Employees can access a variety of education tools, both in English and in Spanish, during and after enrollment so that they don’t have to wonder how to receive value from the coverage they are purchasing.

Plan administration that makes offering a supplemental benefit easy for employers

With Brella, employers enjoy 100% paperless implementation with support every step of the way, so they can make a supplemental benefit available to their group as quickly and simply as possible. Plus, Brella’s dedicated support model provides direct support to members and eases the burden on HR teams.

If you've got a group in mind that could benefit from our supplemental health solution, we'd love to talk to you. Get in touch and a member of our team will reach out within a business day.