How Brella Made Offering a Valuable Benefit Simple

Rhea Manwani
June 21, 2022

Recently, we worked with a Georgia employer to implement Brella as a simpler alternative to traditional voluntary plans so that employees could get coverage for more conditions and an easier way to access their supplemental benefits.

The Challenge

A Georgia-based government agency offered employees the option to buy multiple supplemental plans but participation and utilization of these traditional offerings was low. Additionally, with limited resources within the company to oversee the program, the employer was looking for a benefit that was easier to implement and administer.

The Solution: A Brella Plan Partially Funded by Employer

The broker, as an early adopter of Brella, felt that Brella’s wide ranging coverage, dedicated member support model, and simplified claims process could serve as an optimal alternative for employees who were looking for more value out of their supplemental health options. He also knew that Brella would make the employer's administration easy with just one plan to implement and manage.

By considering Brella an extension of the overall health benefits strategy, he recommended the employer offer Brella with an employer contribution. Not only did this make Brella coverage even more affordable for employees, it sent a clear signal from the employer that Brella was an important part of the benefits offering.

In close collaboration with the employer and broker, a detailed enrollment plan was executed— providing education about the broad range of Brella coverage and simplicity of its claims process. The end result was 40% participation and feedback from the employer that "Brella is the easiest plan we have to work through."

Keys to the Win

“Brella is about simplicity— easy for employers to implement, easy for employees to use. That’s why Brella now has a place in this group's benefits offering.” —Rance Fears, Regional Sales Director, Brella

Wide-ranging coverage that is meant to be used

Injuries and illnesses come in all shapes and sizes. Brella is a plan that is built to be used. With over 13,000+ covered conditions, employees have more reasons to file a claim, whether it’s for a cut with stitches or cancer.

Plan administration that makes offering a supplemental benefit easy for employers

With Brella, there’s only one plan to manage for HR and benefits teams. Plus, employers enjoy 100% paperless implementation with support every step of the way, so they can make a supplemental benefit available to their group as quickly and simply as possible. 

A simplified claims process

When claims are easy to file, employees use their coverage. Brella’s simplified plan design and 100% paperless claims process allows employees to file claims in minutes and get paid quickly. Once approved, benefits are typically paid within 72 hours to a member’s PayPal, Venmo, or bank account—helping to minimize the financial strain of an unexpected medical issue.

If you've got a group in mind that could benefit from our supplemental health solution, we'd love to talk to you. Get in touch and a member of our team will reach out within a business day.