How Brella is Using Powerful Data to Fuel a New Claims Experience

Rhea Manwani
October 6, 2022

We envision a world where health hardships don’t create financial burdens, and that means offering a benefits experience that doesn’t make it difficult for members to make the most out of their coverage. With a third of the population carrying over $10,000 of outstanding medical debt and nearly half (46%) of insured employees reporting difficulty affording unforeseen medical expenses, we know that every benefit counts.

We had our members in mind when we simplified how they use their benefits so they could file claims in minutes without having to deal with the extra paperwork and unnecessary headaches. Now, we’re excited to take the next step in that journey— Brella is now leveraging the power of data to fuel claims integration.

With claims integration, Brella can leverage a member's medical claim information to determine if a medical encounter would be covered under their Brella plan. In other words, when armed with data, Brella makes it possible for members to receive benefits without having to file a claim.

Earlier this week, our CEO, Veer Gidwaney, dove into how insurance innovators can leverage claims integration to transform the member experience. But what is Brella doing about it that’s truly unique? What about Brella makes claims integration so easy to implement? Why are employers choosing to integrate claims with Brella? There are many reasons, but here are a few—

We speak the same language as the medical claim 

We designed our product with data in mind by triggering benefits solely on an ICD-10 diagnosis code, which is universally used by healthcare providers in medical documentation.

Brokers already love our incidence analysis tool where we’ve used data to take the guesswork out of benefit decisions by examining a group’s past medical claims to show how often potential members could have utilized Brella in the previous year.

With data in our DNA, claims integration is the logical next phase in this journey— we’re using the same data not just to identify when members could receive benefits with Brella, but pay out claims. Because we speak the same language as the medical claim, we’re built to take readily available claims data and quickly determine where members are eligible for benefit payments without requiring them to provide any additional information or evidence.

We’re creating outsized opportunities for value

Just because we’re taking the potential burden of claim submission off members’ shoulders, that doesn’t mean that they can’t file a claim when they need to. We made claims easy to file so that members are empowered to do so. And if they don’t have time to file a claim, we’ll pay them anyway once we have their medical data. Win-win.

It’s all about low touch, high reward. No more excessive paperwork, or delayed or absent claims payments. And most importantly, no more worrying about filing a claim or missing out on a potential benefit when dealing with a health issue or incident.

We show employers just how valuable funding a Brella plan can be

50% of employers who offered a Brella plan funded part or all of Brella premiums in 2021. And that same trend continues in 2022. Now, we're making it easier for employers like these to see why Brella is a meaningful part of their benefits strategy.

Integrating claims allows us to drive greater utilization and make sure benefit payments don’t fall through the cracks— showing employers just how valuable their contribution to a Brella plan is by ensuring that employees get the most out of their coverage.

We don’t forget the human touch

We know that the best way to help real people on the road to recovery is with dedicated support every step of the way. So just because we’re automating the submission of claims, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t there to answer questions, and provide assistance when people need it most.

Our member care representatives look out for people who have difficult diagnoses that may require ongoing treatment because we know that receiving a benefit sooner can help alleviate the unnecessary financial strain. Plus, if we already have a member’s data on hand, we’ll file a claim for them.

To learn more about how Brella can integrate claims and help your team get the most out of their benefits, check out our plan and get in touch.