How Brella Helped This Employer Reimagine Their Health Benefits Strategy

Rhea Manwani
April 18, 2022

When an employer adopts a self-funded health plan, the number of new benefit alternatives can be daunting and options are often unaffordable. We worked with a Georgia-based government employer, in partnership with a top national broker, to help redesign their health plan strategy—and create savings to fund a Brella plan that would offer employees additional value.

The Opportunity

A government-employer in Georgia was considering the transition to a self-funded benefits alternative that would bring more flexibility in crafting plans to meet the needs of their employees. This strategy paid off by significantly lowering the employer’s overall medical spend and creating an opportunity to further enhance their benefits to attract and retain important talent.

The Solution: Employer-Paid Brella with a Buy-Up Option for Additional Coverage

In partnership with a savvy broker partner, we leveraged our unique solution and tools to demonstrate  how Brella could enhance his client’s health benefits strategy. We looked at claims incidence trends from other groups of similar sizes that showcased Brella’s powerful utilization story—arming the broker with additional details spotlighting Brella’s wide-ranging coverage. 

The broker recommended that his client allow Brella to build an employer-funded plan that stayed within their budget. He also proposed that the employer offer their employees the option to buy additional coverage with Brella on a voluntary basis. Ultimately, the employer adopted a custom Brella plan that was built for them and was aligned to the underlying primary health insurance plan.

Brella’s flexible plan design, innovative tools, and fast implementation allowed the employer to enhance their health benefits strategy with an alternative that was both affordable and easy to administer.

Keys to the Win

“The Brella premise resonated with the broker and employer because it offered an opportunity to enhance a self-funded benefits strategy with a custom plan built for their cost needs while offering employees coverage for medical occurrences they never imagined could be eligible for benefits.” —Rance Fears, Regional Sales Director, Brella

Incidence analysis that showcases utilization

Our sales team uses data to take the guesswork out of benefit decisions. Because our plan triggers a benefit based only on a diagnosis, we can examine a group’s past medical claims to show how often the group could have utilized Brella in the previous year. This was an easy way to show both the employer, and the broker, the true value of Brella’s wide-ranging coverage in terms of how it had helped other groups.

Flexible plan design that allows an employer to add value

Brella’s flexible plan design helped the employer enhance their overall health benefits strategy by creating a plan built for a specific cost per employee per month that the employer could afford. This way, the employer could adopt a custom solution from Brella that lowered their overall medical spend while enhancing their overall health benefits strategy.

Allowing the employer to fund 100% of the base plan and empowering employees to participate in additional coverage

With Brella, employers can fund 100% of the premium to offer employees a meaningful benefit without the cost. Additionally, employees can add additional coverage on a voluntary basis.

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