How Brella Helped Serena Get the Most out of her Coverage

Rhea Manwani
June 6, 2022

For most people, health benefits are hard to navigate alone. Often, unanswered questions about coverage, or inaccessible customer resources can result in the member not utilizing available benefits. As a result, members miss opportunities for financial support often at times when they need it most. 

At Brella, we strive to help employees make the most of their coverage with dedicated support every step of the way. Here’s a real-life example of a member who filed a claim with Brella—

Meet Serena, a Brella Member

Serena is a Brella member. When her coverage became effective in January, her Member Care Representative proactively reached out to her to introduce themselves, explain the coverage and encourage her to utilize the dedicated support should questions about coverage or benefits arise.

In May, when Serena experienced kidney stones, she logged into her Brella member portal to file her first claim. Within 72 hours, her claim was approved and Serena received a $300 payout- as kidney stones are a covered condition found in the Moderate category of Brella’s wide range of covered conditions.

Serena’s dedicated Member Care Representative followed up over the phone to let her know about the approved claim and check if Serena had any questions. When she learned that Serena would potentially need additional care, she explained that she may be eligible for another benefit payment if a future medical encounter took place outside of the plan’s separation period. With this guidance, Serena understood how to utilize her coverage a second time, and file a second claim, which was also approved within 72 hours of her submission. In total, Serena was able to receive two benefit payouts totaling $600.

How Brella Helped Serena

“We know that employees don’t often know how to take advantage of their coverage. That’s why we reach out to members directly and give them personalized support every step of the way.” — Hope Rudolph, Member Care Representative, Brella

Proactive, dedicated member support

Brella’s Member Care Representatives initiate outreach to every new member, soon after their coverage effective date, to promote understanding of the benefits, and Brella’s simple claims process. This proactive outreach ensures members understand how to use their benefits and get the most out of their coverage.

Built to pay with wide-ranging coverage

Brella covers an industry-leading 13,000+ conditions in one simplified plan. Covered conditions span the range from moderate to dangerous or life-threatening conditions, and account for diagnoses from kidney stones and simple fractures to heart attacks and cancer.

Members may be eligible for multiple benefits

Members may be eligible for multiple benefit payments while they are in active treatment. Conditions within the same coverage category (Moderate; Severe; Catastrophic) are eligible for additional payments if subsequent medical encounters are separated by a specified number of days, referred to as benefit separation periods. This way, Brella provides continued value when members face unexpected medical issues that may bring some financial strain.

If you've got a group in mind that could benefit from our supplemental health solution, we'd love to talk to you. Get in touch and a member of our team will reach out within a business day.

*Note: This is based on a real-life scenario, but no real names were used out of respect for our members and their privacy.