How Brella Helped Employees Take Control of their Coverage

Rhea Manwani
April 25, 2022

Often when an employer is introduced to a supplemental health plan, they’re uncertain whether it’ll be something that will both meet their employees’ needs and be easy to implement. We worked with a Texas-based employer to offer a supplemental plan that employees wanted to enroll and participate in because of the value it offered them and their families.

The Challenge

A financial institution in Texas did not offer supplemental health insurance because they were unsure whether it would offer real value to their team. Since the company offered the employees a HDHP, employees were financially-responsible for a greater share of their medical costs. This left significant gaps in the face of medical events and increased the level of worry employees had if unexpectedly sick or injured.

The Solution: Brella Base and Buy-up Plan

The broker was attracted to Brella because it created an opportunity to enhance the overall health benefits offering with simple, voluntary supplemental health coverage that offered benefit payouts in 72 hours and didn’t require any of the tiresome details to file claims. What’s more, he felt the wide-ranging coverage would resonate with the group’s needs as employees were looking for a plan that delivered value for themselves and their families.

He recommended that the employer implement a base level of Brella coverage that met their budget and allow employees the opportunity to add their dependents and/or buy higher levels of coverage. And he suggested they enroll with Brella’s online, end-to-end enrollment platform, Brella Enroll, to make the education and plan selection process a breeze. 

His recommendation paid dividends as all employees received valuable Brella coverage and more than 30% elected to add their dependents, buy higher coverage amounts, or both—giving them much needed peace of mind. 

Keys to the Win

“Brella Enroll did a great job demonstrating the value of Brella. Not only did employees want to participate in Brella, but they wanted to buy-up for more coverage from their Brella plan. This is because Brella is a benefit that promises to pay in the moments that matter and brings peace of mind to employees and their families." —Scott Burnecke, Regional Sales Director, Brella

Incidence analysis that showcases utilization Showcasing the true value of Brella ensures employer commitment

Offering a benefit that brings real value to employees is paramount for employers. Brella’s wide breadth of coverage was the key to securing the employer’s buy-in, not only in offering Brella, but also in paying for it.

Brella Enroll allows employees to sign up for benefits without the headaches

Properly educating employees on their benefit options is the key to making sure employees get the most out of them. Brella Enroll does that with an intuitive, end-to-end experience that explains how Brella works, offers a plan recommendation, and secures the employee’s final election.

Flexible plan options and faster claims offer a seamless experience

With a base level of coverage already in place, employees were able to add dependents and buy up for more coverage to meet their own unique needs. Plus, Brella’s simple claims process that pays cash benefits within 72 hours gave employees confidence they were better prepared in the face of unexpected medical events.

If you've got a group in mind that could benefit from our supplemental health solution, we'd love to talk to you. Get in touch and a member of our team will reach out within a business day.