How Brella Helped Anna File a Claim from the Hospital

Christine Latore
May 16, 2022

For many benefit policies, submitting a claim requires a lot of paperwork, not the least of which is the documentation describing the medical condition and treatment plan in great detail. Often, if the information submitted is not specific enough, the claim review will be pended until additional details are received. As a result, adjudication times are lengthy, delaying financial support at a time when people need it most.

At Brella, we strive to provide a path for employees to file claims in minutes, and receive benefits in hours, not weeks. Here’s a real-life example of a member who filed a claim with Brella—

Meet Anna, a Brella Member

Anna was an admitted patient in the hospital when she started a claim submission on her Brella mobile app. She was unsure that she could complete the claim form, because she hadn’t yet received any paperwork about her medical condition, and from previous experiences with other coverage, didn’t think she could do so without it.

Anna called the Brella Member Services team, and in minutes, a Member Care Representative explained Brella’s simple, 4-step claim process, and assured her that even without discharge paperwork, there were other types of documentation she could use right then and there. These included photos she could take with her phone- such as a picture of her hospital wristband, the notes written on the treatment whiteboard in her hospital room, and even one of herself in the hospital bed with her IV bags. With this guidance, Anna was able to finalize the claim submission from her Brella mobile app, and her claim was approved within 24 hours.

After she was discharged, Anna had a subsequent claim for an additional diagnosis of a condition that was also covered under her Brella plan. Not only was this claim also approved within 24 hours, but because she had provided her bank details, she received an electronic payment quickly.

How Brella Helped Anna

“This Brella Member was able to file a claim quickly, and receive her benefits in 24 hours because of Brella’s simplified claim process, and dedicated member support every step of the way." — Beth Herman, Manager of Member Services, Brella

A Simplified Claim Process

With our simplified plan design and online claim form, employees can file a claim in minutes and get benefits paid within 72 hours. Since Brella benefits are triggered only by a diagnosis, members can file a claim as soon as they're diagnosed—online or via the Brella mobile app on their smartphone and using a wide range of available documentation (such as a photo or discharge summary).

Member Support every step of the way

Brella’s Member Services initiates outreach to every new member, soon after their coverage effective date, to promote understanding of the benefits, and to offer assistance submitting claims. Additionally, a Member Care representative will reach out via phone within 24 hours of claims processing to answer any questions or provide additional information.

Game-changing Technology

Brella offers a mobile app which simplifies the claim submission process, along with several options for benefit payments, including paper, direct deposit, and Venmo/Paypal.

If you've got a group in mind that could benefit from our supplemental health solution, we'd love to talk to you. Get in touch and a member of our team will reach out within a business day.

*Note: This is based on a real-life scenario, but no real names were used out of respect for our members and their privacy.