Brella’s 2022 Year in Review—A Year of Strategic Wins

Veer Gidwaney
December 29, 2022

As the year comes to a close, I’m pleased to report that 2022 was another year of strategic wins for Brella. When we spoke to you last at the end 2021, we shared how Brella proved there’s a market for a new kind of supplemental health benefit with wide-ranging coverage, a simplified claims experience, painless, paperless implementation and enrollment, and a set of tools to help employers manage a Brella plan. And in 2022, we learned just how many people Brella could help.

So, here are some of the discoveries we made, steps we took, and milestones we reached to continue to build a world where health hardships don’t create financial burdens in 2022—

1. We discovered just how many people a simple supplemental health benefit could help in 2022.

We discovered that Brella isn’t just for employers looking to supplement a base health plan, but for groups of all shapes and sizes. Our flexible plan design enables employers to add our supplemental health solution with or without an underlying health plan in place, and employers are quickly learning why Brella can become such a meaningful part of their overall health benefits strategy. Whether they’re looking for an affordable benefit to help employees waiving other coverage options due to the cost, a benefit that fills in the gaps and is easier for their team to use, or a benefit that can be implemented without the administrative headaches, Brella is here to help. 

In addition to the strong interest and positive response from leading benefits consultants across the country as we spread the word in 2022, there are some key metrics that stand out. Almost half of employers contributed to all or part of the premiums when offering Brella. What’s more, close to 50% of employees enroll on average when Brella is offered today. And in customer satisfaction surveys, employers gave Brella an average of 93% rating for its easy administration and customer support, while employees rated Brella a 4.98/5 when asked about their overall experience using our supplemental health solution with dedicated support every step of the way.

If you’re interested in hearing stories of employers and employees who chose Brella in 2022, check out our case studies, or if you’re curious about how we can help you, get in touch

2. We grew our national footprint to 22 states with more coming in 2023.

In 2022, we expanded to almost half of the country. The Brella plan is now available to groups sitused in 22 states, including 10 new states in 2022- Arkansas, Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, and West Virginia.

We expect to launch several more states in the first half of 2023 on our way to nationwide availability. If we’re not in your state yet, get in touch anyway and we’ll make sure you’re the first to know when we go live in your area.

3. We started using powerful data to create a game-changing claims experience.

We built our innovative insurance solution with data in mind by triggering benefits solely on an ICD-10 diagnosis code, which is universally used by healthcare providers in medical documentation, so that members can file claims in minutes and receive benefits in hours. With data in our DNA, we took the next step in that journey in 2022— Brella now leverages the power of data to fuel medical claims integration.

With medical claims integration, Brella uses a member's medical claim information to determine if an encounter would be covered under their Brella plan. In other words, when armed with data, Brella makes it possible for members to receive benefits without having to file a claim— no more excessive paperwork, or delayed or absent claims payments, and most importantly, no more worrying about filing a claim or missing out on a potential benefit when dealing with a health issue or incident. 

Employers have already embraced this new capability, and have seen just how significant their contribution to a Brella plan can be when they choose to integrate claims. Curious about what it can do for you? Get in touch with our team, and we’d be happy to bring you up to speed.

4. We rolled out several strategic partnerships in 2022 with more on the way in 2023.

We are proud to have announced our partnerships with both Nationwide, to offer Nationwide Provide, and Symetra, to offer Symetra Health, in 2022. We’re also excited about our upcoming partnerships with other prominent industry leading insurance carriers that will roll out in 2023. 

Our mission is to build a world where health hardships don’t create financial burdens, and we’re grateful to our partners that have helped us begin to make good on this promise. We also would like to thank all the people who put a tremendous amount of work into making these partnerships a reality. We can’t wait to share what’s to come. 

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