Supercharge your healthcare strategies with AccuRisk Supplemental Health powered by Brella

Supplemental health insurance, reinvented.

Let us tell you about an exciting new product that puts cash benefits in an employee’s pocket when they need it most. Our innovative supplemental health insurance plan covers 13,000+ conditions, and it’s simple and easy to use. Enjoy first-to-market advantages and partner with AccuRisk Supplemental Health powered by Brella today.

Why AccuRisk Supplemental Health Works

10 reasons you and your clients will love Brella

1. Covers 13,000+ conditions all in one plan
2. True complement to the overall health plan strategy
3. No covered accident or hospitalization requirements
4. No medical underwriting—100% guaranteed issue
5. No pre-existing condition limitations or exclusions
6. Benefits for many COVID-related conditions
7. HSA compatible
8. No coordination with other insurance benefits
9. Benefits paid within 72 hours of a completed claim
10. Dedicated Brella Concierge for employers and employees

4 strategies to win with Brella

Brokers just like you see Brella as a way to win new business and round out existing accounts. Four new strategies have surfaced:

1. Supplement employer health plan changes with Brella
Reduce the overall health plan premiums and use Brella as a cost-effective way to manage higher deductibles or out-of-pocket maximums.

2. Shift employer HSA contributions to a Brella plan
The typical employer HSA contribution is only 17% of the average employee out-of-pocket maximum. Brella provides more coverage per employer dollar. (Source: Kaiser Family Foundation, 2019 Employer Health Benefits Survey)

3. Redirect employer dollars to a benefit employees will use
Deliver more value with Brella to a greater number of employees—where they feel the most pain (high out-of-pocket medical costs).

4. Leverage self-funded claims data to drive decision-making
Brella can provide a retrospective analysis of health plan utilization and apply sample benefit amounts to illustrate potential plan performance.